How to Scan QR code on Mobile Phones

Scan QR code on Mobile Phones

Scan QR code on Mobile Phones android Phone

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1: Now Check your Android devices is supported QR scanning

all phone in this ability is not coming.

so you may have to take some extra steps before scanning.

you download a app and try some another way

Google Assistant can detect QR codes.

Now, Simply long press on the Home icon And speak “OK, Google,”

then touch the Google Lens icon at the bottom right.

If you have a Samsung phone with Bixby capabilities.

because Bixby can also automatically detect QR codes.

Otherwise,you need to download another app.

We suggest you downloading the QR Code Reader.

because this is best and simple.

which is a simple and highly effective option (albeit one that comes with ads),

or the slightly more complex i-nigma Barcode Scanner.

2: Open your scanning app. 

Open up the app, whether it’s Bixby, QR Code Reader, Samsung Optical Reader.

or whatever option is installed on your Android phone.

These apps should have a “scanning” function you can choose immediately.

or will open display directly onto a scanning window via the camera.

3: Position the QR code. 

Carefully, the code’s corners should be fully clear visible in the scanning window.

and the camera should be more or less directly above the code for it to work.

Hold the phone steady while it identifies the code.

4: Choose the correct option. 

Now The app should then provide a pop-up option to take an action based on the QR code.

that is reasult of QR coad…

It may ask you if you want to navigate to a website, download something.

or open an app you currently use.

If you trust the source, believe that the QR code is safe, and understand what it will do, select the most appropriate option for you.

on iPhone and iPad

one: turn on the camera app on your iPhone or iPad

two: Hold the device’s camera up to the QR code

three: No need to hit the shutter button, your iOS device will automatically recognize the QR code and provide you with an on-screen notification.

(Make sure you have mobile signal or you’re connected to Wi-Fi.)

Scan QR coad on Mobile Phones

four: Tap the notification to be taken to the destination of the QR code.

Updated: May 10, 2019 — 9:58 am

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